Smart Hybrid Materials (SHMs)
مختبر شمس لعلوم النانو
Self-Assembled Nanomaterials for Biomedical, Sensing and Separation Applications



3) Chen, Y.; Tao, J.; Deng, L.; Khashab, N. Polymer Carbon Nanotube Composite. WO2015132620A2, 2015

Abstract: A polymer composite consists of carbon nanotubes dispersed in a solid polymer matrix. The resistivity of the polymer composite is between 1.0 x 106-1.0 x 103 Ω cm. The percentage of the carbon nanotubes in the composite is < 10% by wt.

2) Chen, Y.; Tao, J.; Deng, L.; Khashab, N.; Al-Khaldi, T. A.; Al-Shahrani, A. A.; Alabedi, G. S. Polymer Nanocomposites and Methods of Making Nanocomposites. US20140128519A1, 2014
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for polymer nanocomposites, methods of making polymer nanocomposites, and the like. The polymer nanocomposite comprises: (A) a polymer selected from the group consisting of: polyetherimide (PEI) polymer, polyether sulfone (PES), polyimide (PI), polyaryl etherketone (PAEK), and general engineering plastic such as polycarbonate (PC), polyamide (PA), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT); (B) an ionic liq.; and (C) carbon nanotubes. The method of making a polymer nanocomposite comprises: mixing an ionic liq. with a plurality of carbon nanotubes to form a gel; and mixing the gel with a polymer to form the polymer nanocomposite.

1) Kosel, J.; Khashab, N.; Zaher, A. Magnetically Controlled Permeability Membranes. US20130289516A1, 2013
Abstract: A bioactive material delivery system can include a thermoresponsive polymer membrane and nanowires distributed within the thermoresponsive polymer membrane. Magnetic activation of a thermoresponsive polymer membrane can take place via altering the magnetization or dimensions of nanowires dispersed or ordered within the membrane matrix