Smart Hybrid Materials (SHMs)
مختبر شمس لعلوم النانو
Self-Assembled Nanomaterials for Biomedical, Sensing and Separation Applications


Principal Investigator

  • Associate Professor of Chemical Science​​

Senior Staff

  • Research Scientist ​​

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Research Interests: Macrocycle, Porous frameworks
  • Research Interests: Crystallography, Smart materials , Bionanotechnology
  • Research Interests: MOFs, Bio applications, Gas adsorption
  • Research Interests: Biomaterials, Immunotherapy, Protein delivery, Nanomedicine

PhD Students

  • Research Interests: Drug discovery, Nanoparticles, Medicinal chemistry
  • Research Interests: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Immune therapy
  • Research Interests: Catalysis, Nanomaterials
  • Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Polymers

Masters Students

  • Research Interests: Drug delivery, Nanotechnology