Smart Hybrid Materials (SHMs)
مختبر شمس لعلوم النانو
Self-Assembled Nanomaterials for Biomedical, Sensing and Separation Applications


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Principal Investigator

  • Associate Professor of Chemical Science​

Senior Staff

  • Research Scientist ​

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Research Interests: Macrocycle, Porous frameworks
  • ​Postdoctoral Fellow ​​​
  • ​Postdoctoral Fellow 
  • Research Interests: Biomaterials, Immunotherapy, Protein delivery, Nanomedicine
  • Postdoctoral Fellow

  • ​Postdoctoral Fellow​​

PhD Students

  • Research Interests: Organic cages, HOFs
  • ​Ph.D. Student 
  • Ph.D. Student 
  • Ph.D. Student 

  • Ph.D. Student ​
    Research Interests: Catalysis, Nanomaterials
  • Ph.D. Student