A new work on Supramolecular organic framework is just accepted in JACs

08 October, 2018


 Trianglamine-Based Supramolecular Organic Framework with Permanent Intrinsic Porosity and Tunable Selectivity

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Journal of the American Chemical Society (2018) 140, 14571−14575.
Chaix, Arnaud; Mouchaham, Georges; Shkurenko, Aleksander; Hoang, Phuong​; Moosa, Basem; Bhatt, Prashant M.; Adil, Karim; Salama, Khaled N.; Eddaoudi, Mohamed; Khashab, Niveen M.

cluster within cluster, inorganic hosts, Lewis acids, polyoxometalates, proton conductivity.


Here we introduce for the first time a metal-free trianglamine-based supramolecular organic framework, T-SOF-1, with permanent intrinsic porosity and high affinity to CO2. The capability of tuning the pore aperture dimensions is also demonstrated by molecular guest encapsulation to afford excellent CO2/CH4 separation for natural gas upgrading.