Principal Investigator

Niveen M. Khashab, PhD

Professor of Chemical Science​​

Research scientists

Arnaud Chaix

Research Interests: Inorganic nanomaterials, Surface functionalization, Supramolecular Chemistry, Schiff-bases macrocycles, 3D hydrogels, hydrogels, Nanomedicine, Gas capture and separation, Gas detection, Pollutant capture, Artificial water channels

Ayeesha Mujeeb

Research Interests: Peptide self-assembly, Peptide-polymer conjugates, 3D hydrogels, Biomaterials, Tissue engineering, Drug delivery systems, Translational research

Basem Moosa, PhD

Research Interests: Supramolecular self-assembly, Organic macrocycles/Cages, Energy intensive Separation

Gengwu Zhang, PhD

Research Interests: Supramolecular Organic Research

Lukman Alimi, PhD

Research Interests: Crystallography, Smart materials, Bionanotechnology

Postdoctoral Fellows

Fang Fang, PhD

Research Interests: Polymer composites, Porous materials

Jinrong Wang, PhD

Research Interests: Smart hydrogel actuators, Sensors, High strength membrane materials

Peiren Liu, PhD

Research Interests: Synthetic macrocycles, Functional polymer materials

Soumaya Khlifi

Research Interests: Material science, Hybrid composits, Membranes, Polymers, Molecular recognition, Inorganic clusters, Luminescens

Weibin Lin, PhD

Research Interests: Self-assembly, Functional materials

Xin Liu, PhD

Research Interests: Self-assembly, Porous materials

PhD Students

Aliyah Fakim

Research Interests: Drug discovery, Nanoparticles, Medicinal chemistry

Batoul Maatouk

Research Interests: Nanomedicine, Drug delivery systems

Dana Al Kelabi

Research Interests: Drug delivery, Nanotechnology

Elizaveta Maltseva

Research Interests: Organic-inorganic hybrid materials, Biopolymers, Drug delivery, Stimuli responsive materials

Haochen Wang

Research Interests: Organic chemistry

Katya Michelle Aguilar Pérez

Research Interests: Nanotechnology, Environmental applications, Drug delivery, Nanoencapsulation

Khozama Al Mohawes

Research Interests: Porous materials, Supramolecular Organic Research, COFs, Organic Synthesis

Nouf BinSaleh

Research Interests: gene and drug delivery, metal-organic frameworks

Pei Yu

Research Interests: Biosensors, Bioengineering

Rukhma Javaid

Research Interests: Material science, 3D-bio printing, Tissue engineering, Regenerative medicine, Sustainable production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Shahad Alotaiby

Research Interests: Drug delivery

Valeriia Nikolaeva

Research Interests: biomedicine, hydrogels, 3D-printing, stimuli-responsive

Viktoriia Zheltova

Research Interests: Magnetite nanoparticles, MRI visualisation, Drug delivery, lipid nanoparticles

Walaa S. Baslyman

Research Interests: Catalysis, Nanomaterials

Masters Students

Ghada S. Alrashid

Research Interests: Drug delivery, Regenerative Nanomedicine

Jesus Marquez Aviles

Research Interests: Drug delivery, Nanotechnology, Biomaterials

Nida Nazeer Ahmed Khalfay

Research Interests: Target delivery systems, Nanoformulations, Nanoparticles, Nanoremediation

Rahaf Bashmail

Research Interests: Biomaterials, Nanomedicine

Ruba Alshaeri

Research Interests: Early detection of disease using nanoparticles, Drug delivery, Biomaterials