Professor Niveen Khashab appointed new Associate Dean for PSE Division

22 August, 2023

The Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division has announced the appointment of two divisional Associate Deans, effective September 1, 2023.

Professor Udo Schwingenschlogl, Chair of the Applied Physics Program, will assume the role of PSE Associate Dean (Faculty). He will play a crucial part in supporting the faculty and coordinating the research in the PSE Division. Prof. Schwingenschlogl is transitioning from his previous role as PSE Associate Dean (Students), where he successfully advanced the educational mission of KAUST and expanded the impact of KAUST’s graduates, both within the kingdom and internationally.

Professor Niveen Khashab, Chair of the Chemistry Program, will take up the mantle of PSE Associate Dean (Students). Her experience as Program Chair and her sustained efforts in advancing post-graduate education within the Kingdom - especially for female scientists - make her an outstanding choice for this role.

The PSE Division sincerely thanks Professor Schwingenschlogl and Professor Khashab for accepting these responsibilities and encourages the entire KAUST community to support them in their new roles