Stimuli Responsive Nanomaterials for Controlled Release Applications

by Li, S., W., Khashab, N. M.
Year: 2012


Li, S.; Li, W.; Khashab, N. M. Stimuli Responsive Nanomaterials for Controlled Release Applications. Nanotechnol. Rev. 2012, 1, 493-513


The controlled release of therapeutics has been one of the major challenges for scientists and engineers during the past three decades. Coupled with excellent biocompatibility profiles, various nanomaterials have showed great promise for biomedical applications. Stimuli-responsive nanomaterials guarantee the controlled release of cargo to a given location, at a specifi c time, and with an accurate amount. In this review, we have combined the major stimuli that are currently used to achieve the ultimate goal of controlled and targeted release by “smart” nanomaterials. The most heavily explored strategies include (1) pH, (2) enzymes, (3) redox, (4) magnetic, and (5) light-triggered release.


Controlled Release Drug Delivery Light Responsive Magnetic Nanoparticles Nanomaterials