Applications of Nanodiamonds in Drug Delivery and Catalysis

by Moosa, B., Fhayli, K., Li, S., Julfakyan, Ezzeddine, A., Khashab, N. M.
Year: 2014


Moosa, B.; Fhayli, K.; Li, S.; Julfakyan, K.; Ezzeddine, A.; Khashab, N. M. Applications of Nanodiamonds in Drug Delivery and Catalysis. J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 2014, 14, 332-343


The interest of researchers in utilizing nanomaterials as carriers for a wide spectrum of mols. has exploded in the last two decades. Nanodiamonds are one class of carbon-based nanomaterials that have emerged as promising drug delivery vehicles and imaging probes. Their ease of functionalization also led to the generation of stimuli-responsive nanodiamonds that deliver drugs on demand in a controlled manner. The ample surface area of NDs allowed for a higher loading of not only small mols. but also macromols. like genes and proteins. Recently, the unique surface of NDs has attracted more attention as catalyst support in a huge range of org. modification and C-C bond formation reactions. Herein, recent advances in the utilization of nanodiamonds as a drug delivery vehicle and catalytical support are highlighted and summarized to illustrate the potential and versatility of this cheap and com. available nanomaterial.


Review Nanodiamond Drug Delivery Catalysis